Copaiba Interiors is a decorating company that provides decorating style needs to private, lodges, hotels and corporate clients. The company was established in 2016 by the owner Mpho Mokgwetsi. She is a qualified interior designer and obtained her qualification at Vega Design School. The company’s name was derived from a tree named Copaiba which represents beauty and liveliness, which is what the team wants to achieve when decorating a room or space. Copaiba provides professional spectrum of decoration, while continuously interacting and engaging with a client to meet their needs and expectations.


Copaiba Interiors works with soft finishes of decorating such as fabrics, rugs, accessories, wallpaper, painting which brings elements together in a room or house. We provide styling or restyling by sourcing furniture, accessories and any additional requirement, according to the client’s needs.   The client’s budget, style, personality and taste is of outmost important to achieve the desired results. Continuous interaction with the clients is required, therefore their input is vital. Our purpose is to put the ideas and preferences together into a final vision that the client wants. All projects receive the same commitment no matter the size of the project.


Provide the best interior decorating service to all clients.


  • Professionalism towards clients and suppliers
  • Client interaction and engagement
  • Working within the client’s budget
  • Realising the clients decorative needs.


Deliver a professional service to clients and provide a functional, lively and beautiful decoration.


Copaiba Interiors’ goal is to supply beautiful and lively decorating service to clients, in conjunction with the suppliers in business with the company and also to source quality materials for a stylish decoration with a small or big budget.

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